The $174 CS:GO, LoL, Overwatch, Infinite Warfare Gaming PC

Got $174? Got your hustler’s 4 lyf shirt on? Well in this instalment of budget builds I bring to you the BEST value for money, bang for buck Gaming PC that can play CS:GO, Battlefield 1 and COD Infinite warfare all on high QHD 1440p settings at OVER 60fps in MULTIPLAYER(!).
This is what it is all about ladies and gents, frames for the dollar, price/performance extreme, and this played counterstrike at over 200 fps and was so smooth, buttery smooth it was rediculous. This whole PC was built for less than the cost of a GTX 1060 and even some RX 470s out there.
This time around too I sourced all the parts in AUS.

Here is the hustling video where I pick up the parts and also talk about how I hunt –…

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►Get Call of Duty Infinite Warfare here for $24 (may need a VPN) –…

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