The $175 PUBG & Dirt 4 EXTREME BUDGET Gaming PC

Here is a full used price performance PC that I built to play Dirt 4 at 1080p on High Settings and can also even play PUBG on medium settings with ultra draw distance, that is a mix of a heap of different parts that I have pieced from either Japan (yes I still have parts that I brought back from JP lol) or gumtree in Aus.

Today’s theme is a PC that is just put together with whatever it takes to get the best price performance, and of course after overclocking (especially the CPU) we get mad frame rates that just dominate games at 1080p, Hope you guys enjoy :). **There is a typo for the 770 in the pricing, its a gtx 770 not a 1070, sorry about that!

Get a deal on the x3450 CPU *here*:
and pick up a cheap P55 motherboard *here*:
Used GPUs are usually *one of a kind to come by*, though *here* is a quick search on ebay for something similar:

Or if used parts or building pcs isn’t for you, you can get something with similar performance here:

*Check out my Video Editing PC –

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