The $600 Mass Effect: Andromeda PC – Used Meets New (March 2017 PCOTM)

Here is March’s PC of the Month where I focus on how to build a gaming pc using the $100 i7-6400T that I featured in a video here –…

Though basically I use simple parts that are comprised of both new and used and most are readily available (except the exception of the PSU and cooler, though similar parts can be had here:)

*CPU (international deal, though again be very careful and watch the before mentioned video before purchasing):

**US Build:
Z170 Pro 4 –
16GB DDR4 –
500W PSU –
RX 470 –
Thermaltake Case –
CPU Cooler –

***Aus Build:
Z170 Pro 4 (buy from US amazon, cheapest) –
16GB DDR4 –…
1TB HDD –…
RX 470 –…
ThermalTake Case –…
CPU Cooler –…

Check out my Benchmark Rig here:

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