The $735 PALADINS GAMING PC – Ft. The Crystal 570X

When Corsair asked me to take a look and review their brand spanking new case the Crystal 570X I thought to myself “hell yeah” and then proceeded to use it with some new and used parts I had lying around here to make one awesome New meets Used Gaming PC, that could play a very popular free to play title called Paladins at 1400p no problems, not only that we had CS:Go, Battlefield 1 and also Infinite Warfare all thrown into the mix, and this PC absolutely destroyed it. As for the Corsair 570X, it is a really nice case, the included fans are quiet and very fancy, and the tempered glass makes this case a stand out IMO, though there are a few little annoyances that should be noted, but overall very solid case, even for the money.


Links to available Parts (click on pics):

Corsair 570X


X58 Motherboards

Deepcool Maelstorm 120

Radeon RX480

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