Aerocool Thunder X3 Gaming Chair Review

Aerocool Thunder X3 Gaming Chair Review – Is it Revolutionizing the the way you sit?


Here is a review of three chairs that I was sent in, the TGC22, TGC31 and TGC40, which all had their own unique attributes and traits. The TGC40 was my favourite chair, as it was a custom inhouse design that just looked so bad ass and didn’t look like a racing chair but more like a Darth Vader emperor chair, which I think with the cosmetics like this will be a choice for someone looking for something that is comfortable and really heavy duty but also will spice up the work space cosmetically. Though it is quite expensive at $349 AUD. The TGC22 was definitely a comfort king with soft foam inserted through out the chair and also into the included neck and lumbar rests. Then there was the TGC31 which was similar though offered a more firm level of comfort for those that perfer it. It also had a 3 directional arm rest over the TGC22’s two. The TGC40 also had no included lumbar or headrest, though did have a 4 directional arm rest.
Overall these chairs are more expensive than the $120 ebay chair I reviewed, though that being said they are for all sizes of people and are very tough chairs, and they happen to be very comfortable too. I imagine the Aerocool Thunder X3 line up will be very competitive against the DXracer and AkRacing Gaming chairs.

I don’t know when these will hit the US but I will update the comments section here when I find out more information.

Here were the places where I found these chairs for the lowest price in Aus:

TGC31 (White Black Version in this video):
TGC40 (All Black Darth Vader chair featured in this video):…
TGC22 (Red Black Version featured in this video):

Also if you want a chance to win this chair then all you have to do is make the funniest comment in this video, be subbed and hit the like button and I will draw the winner in two weeks on twitter! Best of luck :D! (

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