The AliExpress Sniper Elite 4 GAMING PC

The AliExpress Sniper Elite 4 GAMING PC

Here is a PC that was supposed to be February’s PC of the month for you guys, but I got caught up with testing other parts that I couldn’t get it done in time, though here it is and using the 3 main components from Aliexpress I was surprised that the PC performs really well, though the value for money isn’t the best in the used price performance, it is still very good and the PC plays really nicely for 1080p high gaming, even with the latest titles.

Links (international)-
x3470 –
H55a+ –
4GB (need two, can get cheaper now) –

US Parts for New –
RX470 –
Budget Case (Can’t find the one I got, get this one instead) –
Cooler –

Aus Parts-
Get them here at

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UK –
CA –

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