AMD RELIVE Driver Update Benchmark & Review

So with the recent driver update from AMD – the relive drivers, I have been granted one thing that I was longing for with AMD drivers, a baked in recording option that record games and the desktop from a single hotkey without having to run any aftermarket programs (much like shadowplay – though shadowplay has honestly gone to $#*$ as or recent). And with the recent Relive driver update they have done just that, not only that there is also the instant replay feature, variable bitrates, resolutions and also other options like the chill feature, which can reduce power consumption when you are physically not moving the mouse or keyboard.
There is also the HDMI faulty cable detector and increased performance – overall firestrike gained some pretty big numbers here, though it is hot in this room and I will have to double check the numbers. Also the recording option didn’t drop performance hardly at all, so that was great to see! Overall impressive driver update and I hope you guys enjoy it too if you are on team red, and it is definitely a huge plus to purchase an AMD card if you are on the fence!

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