AMD Ryzen R7-1700X Review – Gaming, Productivity & Overclocked Benchmarks

AMD Ryzen R7-1700X Review

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RYZEN IS FINALLY HERE! Though how does it perform? Today I am take the R7-1700X through its paces in productivity benchmarks, like Adobe Premiere Pro, Presonus Studio One, Microsoft Excel, 7Zip & Cinebench and then also run a lot of gaming benchmarks like Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, For Honor, F1 2016, GTA V, CS:GO Multiplayer, Dota 2 both normal and streaming benchmarks, Far Cry Primal, FireStrike Physics, Crysis 3 & Tom Clancy’s The Division.

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*Benchmark Common Components:
Corsair570X Case:
Vengeance Memory:
RM850i PSU:
Asus ROG 1080 Strix:

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