Asrock DESKMINI GTX 1060 MXM Review – Just HOW SMALL Can it GET?!

What is the smallest powerful desktop PC? Well Here is the Asrock Deskmini now with a GTX 1060…!? They also apparently have a GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 model too, though for travelling I honestly wouldn’t need anymore than the 1060 for 1080p gaming and also that access to those juicy cuda cores. This version of the deskmini also features microstx, which is somewhere between mini itx and micro itx, so it is very small to begin with, and with that you get the option for mount 3 nvme ssd drives and a 6th or 7th gen Intel CPU (6700 or 7700 would be the best option with this in my opinion). You can also mount up to 32GB of SoDimm memory. Though how are the temps and how does it perform? Let’s find out!

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