Australia’s NBN Internet Network & It’s Problems Explained Ft. The D-Link DSL-5300

I recently just got hooked up to the Australian NBN (National Broadband Network), and well it’s 2018…. and it’s quite bad compared to the rest of world and what speed’s they have, this is mainly due to the fact that corner’s were cut and costs money was saved to the point where the it will end up costing the government more in the long run to fix the whole mess, and in the mean time the average citizen suffers poorer internet speeds.

Though what problems could you be facing? And what solutions are available for them? Well detailed in this video is 4 big problems and what can be done about it. Also D-Link sent out their new Cobra DSL-5300 which I took at a look at it and was pretty solid, though the modem itself is very expensive, so it is more of a luxury modem.

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