BLITZ Reviews – Audio Technica BPHS1, Mod Mic 5, Corsair K70 SE, Reolink, KamiGami, ATC700 Cooler

Here is a huge backlog of products that have either just come in or have been sitting around here for a few months, so I decided to just review them and get to the bottom of them quickly, so what we have here is a new broadcast headset from Audio Technica, the BPHS1, that is really damn impressive, there is also the Mod Mic 5, Reolink Camera, Litra Adapter Light, Evanpo E3, Game Pocket Digital 7 Inch Computer… Here it all is here anyway with a list of where you can get the products, some are bad, some mediocre and some are awesome. Corsair, ASRock and NVIDIA also sent over some goodies for Christmas!

Audio Technica BPHS1 ($199 USD):
Mid Mic 5 ($70):
Xaomi Mi6 Smartphone ($399):…
Reolink Argus IP Security / Monitoring Camera ($100):
GamePadDigital Pocket ($495):…
KamiGami Robots ($40-$60):
Litra GoPro Light and magnet light ($80) –
EvanPo E3 Wireless Keyboard ($17):…
Aorus ATC700 Cooler ($80):
Gigabyte 650Watt Power Supply: (no idea where to buy this from)

NVIDIA also gifted me a USB GTX 64GB thumb drive, which I will be giving away here:…

Check out some other ongoing giveaways here:…
and here:…

Also big thanks to Corsair and Asrock, I will be hosting a Christmas Eve live tomorrow where there will be more goodies to giveaway, so stay tuned!

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