Build a 6 CORE GAMING PC for LESS than an i7-8700K!

Here is a Gaming PC that will play Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 at 1080p with good smooth frame rates, and has 6 cores, 12 threads of juicy Xeon magic, and has a gtx 780, new HDD, ‘unique’ case, cooler and decent power supply. This, all for $358 ($457 AUD) – this is the Used PC of the month called #BottomsUp

Get the $25 Ali Cooler here:
Xeon a 6 core X5670 Here:
Get a 1TB HDD Here:
Get relatively inexpensive DDR3 here:
Search for a X58 motherboard here:
Search for a GTX 780 here:

Or get the Prebuilt OEM (easy option here:)

Tom’s Hardware PSU List:…

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