Build the SMALLEST Mobile 4K Video EDITING PC Ever!

With the In Win Chopin being an extremely small Mini – ITX case, and including a small 150W bronze PSU, I thought it would make for a perfect combination with the extremely power efficient i5-8400, 32GB of ram and the Z370 Itx board from Asrock, and after completing the build I was definitely impressed. The Chopin is just simply a classy mini itx case, it is so compact and small, but the build quality is exceptional, and it is so easy to work with.

Check out some of the prices of the parts I used here:
In Win Chopin:
DDR4 32GB Kit (seriously overpriced atm):
960GB SSD:
(Cheaper 240GB SSD:
(8GB of DDR4 memory for now, buy two, have to preorder too):

In Win Chopin:…
DDR4 32GB Kit (cheaper to buy in AUD than USD… lol…):…
960GB SSD (use code PERK10):

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  1. Anirudh Mallikarjun on November 30, 2017 at 4:11 pm

    Bryan you could just ditch the included psu and buy a pico power supply and mod the case to accept a low profile gpu

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