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PC House Call Ep.2 – From JUNGLE SANDWICH 970 to Clean 1080 HEAVEN

**AUDIO FIXED for smartphone users, it was a bizarre problem, one that I have never encountered before, will talk about it in the next vlog. It wasn’t youtube’s fault, but my own, sorry guys (basically stereo sound mixing to mono and channels cancelling each other out, don’t quite understand it fully yet, perhaps audio engineers…

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BAD Connectors Causing Problems? FIXING a Donated PC..?

When a subscriber Called Brett recently donated a PC, I was told that it was cutting out from time to time, and immediately noticed that one of the connectors on the 4pin of the cpu port from the motherboard was so loose that if it wasn’t fixated properly then problems were definitely going to happen.…

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Can you OVERCLOCK with a Zip Tie, Bad PSU & Budget MOBO?

  Here is a weird experiment that I thought I would try out… a ‘nexgen’ “600W” (actually more like 250watt~) Power supply, a z68 DS3, a 2500k and a bangjob cooler / fan double zip tied down for extra stability. Though how high can we overclock… and … is it even ok to do this?…

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The $485 Quad SLI Gaming PC – Is it Possible…!?

Here is the PC that features 2 GTX 690s, an i7-3770k and an 850W Gold Rated Power Supply on a very unique case, all the parts used were bargains that I have picked up over time with used parts hunting, and today is a showcase of what performance you can get with that budget, though…

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Upgrading my Mum’s Computer… for Under $150..!

My mother has been seeing what has been going on with Tech YES City and has been quite interested in a nice tempered glass upgrade for her computer (in the Cougar Panzer), and wanted some RGB and some nice cables, so today we are spicing up her old Vento (aka The Bento) PC and making…

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