Completing the TECH YES Studio – Finale Part 3/3

**US** Get some of the good sound tiles here:… Get the corsair T1 Race here: **UK** Corsair T1 Race: Sound Tiles:… **AUS** Sound Tiles:… For a $1 a month you can help support the channel directly & gain access to an uncut special monthly live: Join our Forums for…

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Are OLDER Intel CPUs AFFECTED by the Windows 10 MELTDOWN Patch?

Windows 10 has released their Post Meltdown patch, and here today we are testing the 1st Generation Intel Xeons (very much like the i7-980) and overclocking it, coupling it with a 1080 Ti and testing both pre windows 10 meltdown update and post windows 10 meltdown update for pc gaming. And the results may, or…

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X399 Foxconn vs Lotes SOCKET ISSUES?! Ft. X399 Taichi + XMAS GIVEAWAY!!

Big Thanks to Asrock for the Xmas Giveaway, completely free and international – check it out here:… An issue that people message me about is the x399 socket itself, which is made by two different companies, Lotes and Foxconn. Though there have been reports of the Foxconn sockets not closing properly in the order…

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