AliExpress VTG 5 CPU Cooler Vs. Hyper 212X Vs. Arctic Freezer e33

Are AliExpress VTG Water & Air CPU Coolers any good? Let’s find out here today! **US** Get the Arctic Freezer 33 Here: Get the Hyper 212 Here: Get the beastly H110i Here: **International** Get the Aliexpress VTG 5 Air cooler here: Get the Aliexpress VTG 5 240mm water cooler here:…

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Blue Yeti Microphones Vs. The Competition – How Does it Fare? (Review)

**US** Get a Blue Yeti Here: **UK** **AUS**… Get an MXL V67 here: Get the Audio Technica BPHS1 here: Get an Audio Interface for the above two here (The UA25-EX that I use has been discontinued :(): **Can’t find where they sell my lav mic anymore… :(… Acoustic Geometry…

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Top 5 OVERCLOCKABLE USED CPUs for PC Gaming in 2018

The Big, VALUE HUNGRY Overclockers list of budget gaming CPUs is here for Early 2018 **International Links** E5-1650 (currently the v2 is the same price, though not many left) –… – (Needs an X79 motherboard) – Standard E5-1650 – i5-2500k – (Needs a z68 or z77 motherboard) W3670 – (Needs an…

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