Corsair H150i Pro & H115i Review – 360mm Rad with QUIET(!) Magnetic Lev Fans

Corsair have upgraded their flagship All in One coolers and are now introducing the H150i Pro which is now in a 360mm variant and comes with 3 magnetic levitating fans (ML for short) and RGB on the case plate. There is also the H115i Pro, which is similar to the H110i, except it has the near silent ML 140mm fans and RGB on the base plate too. So although you do lose a couple of degrees (and keep in mind this is on the high end x299 gear), you gain so much more in terms of lower noise. They also come with a 5 year warranty to boot too, not too bad at all!

**US** (note: the included ML fans with the pro coolers are quieter than normal ML fans due to a lower max RPM speed).
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