Cougar X3 RGB Attack Keyboard & Revenger Mouse Review

Cougar X3 RGB Attack Keyboard & Revenger Mouse Review

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Today I take a look at Cougars X3 attack RGB Keyboard and also their latest offering of mice, the Revenger. And putting both these two the test show that they are quite solid products, with the Revenger boasting a Pixart Sensor and being shaped in a palm grip style. It does however have a slight bit of input lag, and for a mouse in 2017 and at $60 I would like to see improved. Though the rest of the mouse is very good.
The keyboard is essentially a barebones loaded with Cherry MX switches, choice of blue or red and has RGB lighting throughout the keyboard which is reflected off the shiny alloy body. Though coming in a lot more expensive then even their own non RGB version, one has to wonder is the RGB worth it? Well that is up to you the viewer.

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