G4560 Vs i3-6100 – How Much Of a Difference is There?

Today I compare the i3-6100 to the G4560 Pentium to see how much there is between the two in terms of FPS for gamers. In the tests I show apples to apples at low settings on three popular games (Battlefield 1, GTA 5 & Crysis 3 @ low settings) in order to stress the CPUs and give you guys a kind of worst case scenario differential between the two, though when it came to 1080p gaming with an rx470 at high settings the difference was hardly noticeable.
All tests were done with the ring ratio 100mhz below max core speed (3500mhz for the pentium g4560, 3700mhz for the i3-6100) & DDR4 memory clocked at 2133mhz @ 13-14-14-36 1T.

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