Galax GTX1070 EXOC Sniper Review

Here is Galax’s GTX 1070 EXOC Sniper that I decided to test with a simulated ‘R5-1600’. The card has an all white cosmetic, that honestly looks really good. It also has the 2 lights, one on the backplate and one on the side that can be changed to any static color you wish (RGB). Though the looks can be fantastic, but if the performance is bad then overall it will be a product that doesn’t make the cut.

However this is where the sniper does really well, I was surprised that the fan noise at 80% was actually pretty tame (as showed in the noise test) and the temperatures were only getting 62c max after a huge run in valley at 26c. This was at an overclocked core at 2.1ghz and memory at 8.7ghz.
Overall great grahpics card, though the price is a little higher (about $50 AUD) than other 1070s, though the card will fit perfectly in white themed builds.

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