How To GET BACK The Old ShadowPlay & REMOVE TELEMETRY In Your Nvidia Drivers

This is a guide I thought I would make on how to get rid of and uninstall the nvidia telemetry and also make it so you don’t have to use nvidia geforce experience 3, which is a nerf from geforce experience 2, requiring you to login and restricting shadowplay as well (not enabling things like fullscreen youtube recording) and the biggest benefit – not nerfing the performance of your graphics card and gaining that performance back :).

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*Make sure you uninstall all your previous drivers before doing this tute*

This tutorial is split into two sections:
1. No frills driver install with telemetry disabled : 1:05 Download the driver here –….

2. Install a basic version of shadowplay 3:12 Download here –…

*You can also use DDU to completely uninstall your graphics card drivers, though I found it wasn’t neccessary in this instance –…

Also a big thank you to the redditposter pantsuonegai for his regedit hack here –…

Also a big shoutout to Majorgeeks for finding the telemetry –…

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