How to Get SMOOTH FPS on Budget Gaming PCs – The Act of Balancing


I decided to make this video just to give some tips on how you can help eliminate stutter in certain games and also help ‘balance out’ your CPU and your GPU, and usually with budget PCs you will have to go a step further to tweak some settings that won’t hinder your CPU or GPU while you are playing games, even though the FPS seems fine… (as was the case with me for CS:GO) – some settings to look out for on the CPU side are shadows and shader detail, and also bullet impact, and real type dynamic physics type effects like bullet impact, particles and even water reflection. I find they can really introduce stuttering if turned too high.
On the GPU side of things anti aliasing is a big first for me, checking what GPU you have and balancing out or turning down and or off; texture details, AF, HDR Lighting, Bloom Lighting & Volumetric lighting.
As for tesselation well that is an enitrely different beast altogether (if you are on AMD cards I generally like to turn this down).

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