i5-7600k & i7-7700k Review

Welcome back for a big review on Intel’s latest architecture – the i5-7600k and i7-7700k, which when ran clock for clock against my skylake CPU, I found that they were virtually identical, however the biggest improvement here is the overclocks, this time around both the chips I had here did overclock pretty high, both 4.9 and 5.0ghz, the i7-7700k was the most interesting, getting 4.9 at 1.32 volts…. even with another 80mv I couldn’t get even another stable 100mhz out of it. Though the negatives are definitely there, the PCB is still thin, and the 7700k I had actually came in PREBENT on the corners (I managed to fix it)…. The worst however is that the paste is still there instead of soldering the IHS to the die, this means that temps get bad…. really bad…. I was hitting over 90 degrees on these overclocks, even though the ambients were pretty bad, it is still not good to see temps this high when your cooler is still cool to touch.

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