Here is the Intel Coffee Lake Showdown with the latest 6 cores on display at their peak (3.8GHz & 5GHz) vs the 1800X at 4GHz and what we have here is one interesting gaming showdown. I also talk about the 8600K vs 8700k for gaming and progamers and do some streaming benchmarks too.

Check Availability:
MSI Z370 Gaming Pro Carbon:
Ryzen 7 1800X:
(Get the R7 1700 and save some money):
X370 Taichi Motherboard:

Specs Used for this comparison:
GTX 1080ti From Galax
H110i cooler from Corsair
z370 MSI Carbon Pro AC & Asrock Taichi x370
Corsair Vengeance Memory (varying speeds, 2933 for AMD, 2666 for the i5-8400 and 3000 for both 8600K and 8700K).

*Song for benchmarking is Megaman X OST – Stage Select (Mavericks)

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