Intel’s Coffee Lake a Double Edged Sword..!? Thoughts on the i5-8400 & i7-8700K


The i7-8700K and i5-8400 are here in the wild, two really competitive CPUs from Intel, which are looking like a forced response in the answer to AMD’s Ryzen, though my Coffee Lake samples got seriously delayed with mix ups and mistakes (got my motherboard over a week ago now…), I still wanted to give you guys my thoughts on what is already out there and what is happening with stock shortages, z370 motherboards vs having no cheaper chipsets available and well I think it could be a double edged sword for Intel, did they out do themselves too much to the point where they will cannibalize their ‘higher’ end line up and with little stock available could this drive sales towards AMD’s Ryzen? Let’s discuss! *The i5-8600k is coming in stock to some retailers, though other retailers haven’t received any stock at all, and very small numbers of 8700ks and 8400s…

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