How I Make MONEY as a Small Tech Channel – Behind The Scenes 4 PC Whip up

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I get asked how I make money as a youtuber, and today I detail some of my side hustle, with me completing 4 builds in one afternoon. These are PCs that are put together from either deals or donations, and they help support the channel a lot! Also the new studio is in constuction mode at the moment, so thank you guys a tonne for all the continued support. Really appreciate it, the channel of YES has never felt so good. The content is going to keep flying and I will make do on those promises, even ones that I made a year ago… just need to get into a bigger space to work (which will come very soon). I also talk about the recent Patreon dilemma, which they have backpedalled on, but perhaps the damage was already done? Also near the end I do compare the Rota K401 Case Vs. The Fractal Design Focus G, both cost me around the same, $85 AUD (about $65 USD).

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As for the Rota K401… I got it from MSY, not sure where to buy it from online :(.

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