Meet the Huawei Mate 10 (Review) – Is this the BEST Smartphone EVER??

After using Huawei phones for years now, I have grown accustomed to just staying loyal to what I think is quite simply the best, and today we have their sister flagship phone – The Mate 10 up for review (a slight step behind the mate 10 pro, but with it’s own benefits, which makes me prefer it). And we will be putting it through it’s paces with test photos, 4k video at 30 fps, macro shooting, selfie cam test, digital zoom test, gaming benchmarks, specs and also everything included in the box. I also talk about what I like and don’t like about the phone.
However just like other Huawei phones I have used before this one – it just retains that winning formula of not slowing down, having a great user interface (now based on Android 8.0 OREO update) and being able to task much more efficiently than ever before with it’s lightning Kirin 970 8 core CPU and 12 Core GPU.

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