Meet The TITAN SLI GT73VR Laptop from MSI – Review

Here is a review of MSI’s GT73VR Laptop that includes an i7-7820HK mobile processor and two GTX 1070s that work in SLI. It also features NVMe PCIe raid 0, though the drives are a little lackluster and the audio could use some improvement as the crosstalk levels were below par.
The screen was very rich and was a 120hz 1080p IPS display that was great for gaming with little ghosting and having low levels of input lag (though I couldn’t exactly find the exact model that I reviewed up for sale…!?!?!). There was also more than enough power available, except the caveat for having this power is that you will need two massive power bricks that are very un-portable like, and since the laptop is so big itself, weighing in at roughly 5kg, it is more suited for someone who wants to occasionally port the laptop around, though lay it down for a desktop machine.

*Update, apparently the webcam can be disabled from default and you can reenable it by holding the function key and pressing 6.

Check out the laptop here (with a 4k screen):
Or Here for aussies:…

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