MSI GTX 1050ti Vs. RX-470 Post Relive – Gaming X Review

MSI GTX 1050ti Gaming X:
Gaming X RX 470:
Standard Model 1050ti:


Here is a review of the MSI GTX 1050ti Gaming X Card, though since I have an RX470 here from MSI too, I decided that I would not only make it a review, but also do a little showdown for you guys. And honestly the ‘entry’ level is really heating up in terms of competition, it is certainly where the value is at at the moment, especially with that RX470 on sale.

Though when it comes down to it the MSI Gaming X series of Graphics cards are really good and I am finding they overclock hard out of the factory, and are also really quiet and cool, and look really good to boot. This 1050ti is no exception and I really liked it.

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