NEW Vs. USED Gaming PC Showdown – G4560 Vs. X3470 Ft. RX-470

G4560 Vs. X3470 Ft. RX-470

Here is the showdown of the two budget builds that I built recently, one was the new cookie cutter g4560 build, which is will be a norm for practically all of 2017, then there was the fastfood of used price performance, the sniper elite PC, which used parts from aliexpress to get a build that was pretty good, and would have been much better had the overclocking went high (sux that it didn’t). I tested a variety of games like CS GO, GTA 5 and Metro Last Light at mainly 1080p high, which is where both these PCs shine.

G4560 Build Parts List –
*RX470 (currently $140 on rebate):
*MSI B150:
*B250 Motherboard (Get this if it’s your first PC and you can’t *update the bios, cancel the B150):
*EVGA 500W:
*Deepcool Tesseract:
*8GB DDR4 memory:

X3470 Build Parts List –
International Buys –
*x3470 –
*H55a+ –
*4GB (need two, can get cheaper now) –

US only –
*RX470 –
*PSU –
*HDD –
*Budget Case (Can’t find the one I got, get this one instead) –
*Cooler –

If in Aus use or or to find the best prices for parts.

Find the Asus Motherboard that I mentioned here –

Original Videos Here –
G4560 Complete build –…
X3470 Complete build –…

*****There was a mistake on the Firestrike GPU score, it should be 12674 on the g4560, typed in the stock score by accident.******

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