The NVIDIA BATTLEBOX Ultimate – The $3799 AUD MSY MSPEC Gaming PC That Dominates.

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Here is one massive custom built PC from MSY in collaboration with NVIDIA, This is the Battlebox series, and this is their Ultimate line, which features an i7-8700K and GTX 1080 Ti RoG Strix From ASUS. Though the price is quite expensive, at $3799 AUD, it comes packed with all quality parts from either Corsair, ASUS or InWin, so you will have a computer that can not only game very hard at either high refresh 1080p, 1440p ultrawide, but also play games at 60fps 4K with ultra or high settings depending on the game. The noise is also very quiet and MSY include a 2 year full back to base warranty on the whole build!

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*Disclaimer – This video was sponsored out by MSY. Please note the overclocking done in this video is not guaranteed, overclocking is done at your own risk. MSY can also pre-overclock your machine with the NVIDIA Battlebox Ultimate series upon request.

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