Is it Possible to BEAT the XBOX ONE X? Meet the $326 “Xbounce” PC

There has been a lot of talk about the XBOX One X vs a Gaming PC, and for the money in today’s market it definitely packs one mighty big punch – and comes in at $500 USD ( or $650 AUD (Actually can get 10% off atm on Ebay – It is one of the first consoles in a long time that gets the nod of approval from me. And with the current prices of DDR4 and the way Crypto Currency Miners have bought out a lot of the graphics cards, it makes building a new PC (almost, I have seen some people get some ridiculously good one time deals) impossible to beat that of the Xbox One X – Though can we beat the Xbox One X for price performance with a Used PC? Well today I have a rig with the following specs that I picked up for $326 USD:

Xeon X3450 CPU:
8GB DDR3 System Memory: Local Deal
GTX 780 Ti: Local Deal, but can search here:…
Antec A40 Pro CPU Cooler:…
Gigabyte H55 Motherboard: Local Deal can search here:
Antec 620W High Current Gamer: Local Deal
500GB HDD: Local Deal
Random Case: Local Deal

Latest Hunt for Used PC Parts:…

So Let’s see if I can overclock this thing, and with no warranty take it to the Xbox One X at not only 1080p but also 4K (with a 3GB VRAM buffer! YEAH!)

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