The RESURRECTION Of the 16 Core BEAST Dunicron – Part 1/2 Ft. The Shogun

Today we are reviving a PC that used to be my main workstation, I called it Dunicron after the character Unicron in the 1986 film Transformers The Movie. This time around I am using the BitFenix Shogun Case, which was sent in for review along with the LED RGB Strips. I was very impressed with the build quality, weight balance and options on this case, however it was very time consuming as everything required something be unscrewed and dismantled and then put back together again (especially if using an E-ATX Motherboard). Though the final product looks extremely good, and the cable management was so easy to work with, plus the tempered glass is a really nice touch, you also get the RGB controller included so you can go and purchase the strips (I think the 30cm ones represent the best value out of that line up), and chuck them in the rig since they are magnetic too.

Though all up the specs of this rig are as follows (Warning Prices have gone up on some parts since I purchased these last year, and Ryzen is coming out very soon too):
CPUs – e5-2670 x 2 –
Motherboard – Asrock Rack C602 – AUS –
Memory – Micron 8x8GB Registered 1333mhz DDR3 –
BitFenix Shogun Case
850W PSU (with a modded additional 8pin CPU cable, perhaps use a different PSU if you don’t want to mod):
Coolermaster 212 Evos:
GTX 980ti:
Asus PCI Xonar DG (will need an older pcie slot for it):
USB 3 x 4 addin card:
The All Spark:

Ebay Cable Extensions for aussies:

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