RX480 Reference Vs. Arctic Accelero X3 Cooler – CAN IT OC HIGHER?

CAN IT OVERCLOCK HIGHER? That is something that I have been wondering even since I got the RX 480 in here, though I just never got enough time to test if slapping on a much better cooling solution would do anything for the card. And honestly after benchmarking, I did manage to hit 1.4ghz on the RX480, though everything wasn’t entirely as it should have been…. And the ambients were pretty hot, in an airconned room I am sure things would have been different, but interesting none the less, and maybe it calls for different kind of benchmarking with overclocks?

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Though check the PCB before buying an Accelero to make sure it will fit with your GPU, though it will make a big difference to temps and noise, it might not help with overclocks after gaming for a long time (in the case of an RX480, though with my 980ti I managed to gain some higher OCs).

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