Ryzen 1600x Vs. i5-7600k Review

Ryzen 1600x Vs. i5-7600k Overclocked in Gaming & Productivity – Who Wins What?

Here is my review of the 1600x, and I only had two days to do the review so decided to test it against the i5-7600k and then also overclock both of them with 3200mhz on the Ryzen CPU and 3ghz effective on the Intel system, and also test it with a GTX 1080 Ti Founder’s.

The results are very good for the R5-1600x, it comes close to the i5-7600k in games and then beats it by quite a bit in productivity. Mafia 3 has also received an update that seems to favor 4 cores a lot more, hence why the i5 beat the R5 in that benchmark now. The latest bios was used as well for the R5 on a Asrock motherboard.

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