Ryzen Will ONLY GET BETTER + My Thoughts on ‘Unbiased Benchmarks’


The Ryzen CPU line up is pretty solid, its great for productivity and also decent for gaming. As for Ryzen’s gaming performance, things will only get better with windows, bios and games being patched in the near future, so expect to see that IPC translate better from productivity into games.

However there is a lot of shit slinging going on at the moment and videos from people who have a big following (that others work so honestly and hard to achieve) should not be posting misleading numbers, I am sorry to my viewers, I don’t like drama and I usually don’t do this, but a particular someone has been trolling me and others I know on youtube comments, reddit and twitter for a long time now, and its now got to the point where results are even being trolled… I feel this is a video that has to be done….

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