Seagate’s New 10TB Ironwolf Pro, FireCuda SSHD & Barracuda Drives

Today I am reviewing the Ironwolf pro 10TB drives, Firecuda SSHD 2TB Drive & 7200rpm Barracuda drives from Seagate, and honestly all these drives had really good consistency on their read and write performance, even in when gaming with solid frame times in dota 2 as well. The Ironwolf pros are very solid with the write speeds being surprisingly much higher on the 4k random writes than most hard drives I have seen, and with their vibration control and solid performance in raid 1, make them an easy recommendation for the NAS market.
The SSHD Firecuda… really good drive, includes a 5 year warranty, which for the price is insane, you get the 8GB MLC portion as well which does a really good job of loading up consistently used programs quite fast.
And lastly is their Barracuda line which includes a 2 year warranty and is your standard 7200rpm drive that performs well in the benchmarks for its budget price.

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Get the Ironwolf Pro Here:
Get the Barracuda 1TB for budget builds here:

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