Sound Blaster KATANA Review – IN With the NEW!

Here is the latest product that came in for review from Creative, this is the 2.1 SoundBar & Subwoofer combo known as the Sound BlasterX Katana.
After setting it up on the desk with my revamped setup I started to put it through its paces, and whilst doing this I was very impressed, not only with the sound quality and the volume, but also the feature set provided by the software, very easy to use and also giving a lot of customization. The RGB lights underneath will be sure to compliment any modern day setup. In the end I ended up making three profiles, one for gaming with immersion set to full, another flat profile for editing and the final profile for listening to music, with the bass and treble boosted. The Mic in port was pretty solid as well. Overall good build quality and hard hitting sound, definitely a keeper. Also it has dolby digital support too.

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