Sounds Cards… ARE THEY BACK?! Meet the AE-5

Here is a review of Creative’s Sound BlasterX AE 5 Sound Card which will hit the streets July 8th, and the amount of quality audio components packed into this thing is incredible, it has an ESS Sabre DAC, SoundCore 3D DSP, ADC and boasts dual X-amp tech, that’s an amp for each ear (Left and Right), and when testing the numbers, gosh were they impressive… lowest crosstalk I have ever seen, and no bassroll off with an impressive flat line on the frequency response (neutral as it comes), not to mention the ample power available for headphones ranging from 16-600 ohms with 1ohm output impedance. They have also included RGB for 2017.

Get the Creative AE5 here:…

AU Pricing still to come, will update description when available.

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