GTX 670, i5-750 and a tempered glass case, very unorthodox and unusual, though not for this channel, today is a build that performs very similar to that of a pc that would be easily double it’s price, sporting high frames rates at 1080p in games like Overwatch, PuBG and Marvel Lego. It also features a new case – the BitFenix Nova TG, of course this raises the budget considerably since its a $59 USD case, and if you didn’t use a case at all it would make the price performance that much better….

All the deals I found were at junk stores, though if looking online here are some pointers (though might be a tad more expensive than what I paid):
H55 Motherboard:
Find a better CPU than the one I used in the video for $35:
Find a GTX 670 on ebay:

or if used parts aren’t your thing grab a Ryzen 3 here:

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