The Tech (YES) City New Benchmarking PC & The GTX 770 Vs. HD7950 in 2017!

Here is the new PC that will be used to benchmark all things GPU, Storage and overclocking based.
This rig Features an i7-7700k @ 5.1ghz stable which was tested in the dead heat of summer at 30 degree plus ambients. Though today I also revisit the GTX 770 and compare it vs the HD 7950 that I have here, though I would have compared it against the R9-280X I have, it is just that that card seems to be a dud, and whatever I do it won’t work after it installs a new driver (got hosed on a used tech deal). However the results may surprise you 🙂

Here is a list of parts used in this build, (a lot of which was provided by Corsair & and the motherboard was provided by MSI):
i7-7700k –
Corsair H110 Cooler –
MSI Titanium Z270 Motherboard
Corsair 460X
RM850i Power Supply –
Corsair Vengeance DDR4 Memory –
Corsair NMVe m.2 Storage –
WD 3TB Blue –

You can try searching for used parts here:
GTX 770 –
HD 7950 –

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