Tech Yes City – RX 560 Meets GTX 1050 Ti… Freshman Vs. Freshman

We have two cards facing off today (GTX 1050 Ti Vs. RX 560) in a head to head battle. Both cards are quiet and cool quite well (with the 1050 Ti being from Galax and the RX 560 being from Asus Strix), the AMD Asus Strix did do a slightly better job of ocing in comparison to the Nvidia card percentage wise, but overall the 1050 Ti did beat it out in the majority of titles, even popular titles like Dota 2 and PuBG.
Although this is mostly expected given the higher price, at current levels the premium isn’t that much and hence I would recommend the 1050 Ti over the RX 560, unless you need freesync on a budget.

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