The Tech YES Ryzen Gaming & Workstation PC

The Tech YES Ryzen Gaming & Workstation PC 

Here is my First Official Ryzen PC Build, which will be my workstation from here in! The experience is quite awesome, and it feels good for a change to use something other than an Intel Specced System (and not be hindered in performance and time consumption). Actually it’s been practically a good 10 years, and it’s finally good to see some competition in the market once again.

Also if you are on a budget then stay tuned as I will be bringing out much more content on the channel!

Workstation / 1440p Ultrawide Gaming PC Specs:

*1800X 8c/16t CPU –
*Corsair Air 740 –
*64GB DDR4 Vengeance –
*1TB Neutron SSD –
*MP500 –
*X370 Taichi –
*2 x 3TB Seagate 7200RPM Barracuda –
*H110i CPU Cooler –
*HX1000i Power Supply –
*RGB Lighting Strips & Control Box –
*RGB Fans –
*GTX 1080 Ti –
*El Gato HD60 Pro –
*Premium Cable Extensions –

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