THUNDERBOLT GTX 1060 Vs. Galax GTX 1060 6GB Vs. Intel UHD 630 Graphics Showdown

Today we take a look at similar, yet two very different GTX 1060s, both 6GB and have 1280 Cuda Cores, however one (the SNPR External Enclosure) connects to a computer via ThunderBolt 3 with it’s own stand alone power supply and case, while the other is just your Standard PCIE card that’s connected and requires a 6 pin power connector. Though how will they perform? Today I test the 1060 SNPR 6GB with an Intel 8700K @ 5GHz and compare that to the External Enclosure 1060 which is connected to my InWin Chopin PC that features a i5-8400. 5 Games are tested and I also threw in the Intel UHD 630 Solution for a reference for how much performance you can expect to gain by using a box like this.

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