Top 5 OVERCLOCKABLE USED CPUs for PC Gaming in 2018

The Big, VALUE HUNGRY Overclockers list of budget gaming CPUs is here for Early 2018

**International Links**
E5-1650 (currently the v2 is the same price, though not many left) –… – (Needs an X79 motherboard) – Standard E5-1650 –
i5-2500k – (Needs a z68 or z77 motherboard)
W3670 – (Needs an X58 Motherboard)
X3430 – – (Needs a H55 or P55 motherboard)
X3440 – (Needs a H55 or P55 motherboard)

**Motherboard Options (readily available and international shipping)**
X79 For e5-1650 and e5-1650v2 –
Z68 Motherboards –
X58 Ebay search –…
X58 Huanan Boards (not recommended at this stage as I haven’t tested them or heard a whole lot about them –
H55 Motherboards on a budget:
Better H55 board for overclocking the x3440 –
**Coolers Mentioned**
Super Budget $22:
VTG 5 (Budget but gone up slightly in price):
DDR3 Registered Memory –… (this will work on x79 motherboards and is extremely good value for money, WILL NOT work with the other motherboards mentioned).

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