The All USED $473 GAMING PC ($630 AUD)

Here is a PC that costs $473 USD (or $630 AUD) and finally made it in the end (ONLY JUST though lol) to get some really high frame rates in Overwatch, CS:GO, Dota 2, and GTA 5. Though Mafia 3 was really tough to run, but still managed to get around 60 fps, which was good.

I ended up with a 4690k that overclocked to an impressive 4.8ghz, but this time around it SERIOUSLY needed a delid, with the temperature drops being incredible… The GPU used was the R9-290x and man the die on this thing is HUGE, and of course with that was huge power output, with the card still managing to heat up an accelero with fans speeds near max…. I would hate to see how bad the stock cooler would be (didn’t even try after hearing all the bad stories about it). Anyway after all the problems were solved this PC did come together to make a really good experience :). In the end i decided to call it negative squared, since when they are squared they come out as a positive :D.

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