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How To Make a BUDGET AIO PC | $157 ASRock 310 DeskMini Review

If you have a budget monitor and a bit of spare change and time, then you can put together something that has super low power consumption, is completely customizable and the best thing yet - can mount via VESA mounting to the back of most monitors. This is the ASRock Deskmini 310, with a H310 STX board. Today I pair it with an i5-9400 and test out the performance, temps and also gaming at 1080p on the HD graphics.

Could Intel BEAT NVidia in 2020...!? It is possible... (here's why)

Intel has their sites set on entering the consumer graphics card market nearly a decade after their failed attempt to enter in 2009 with Project Larrabee, that never made it to consumers right before it was pulled from launch. Though this time around it's vastly different... They have top tier talent that they have acquired from AMD's graphics division and a massive amount of R&D at their disposal. So today's here's why Intel could be a serious threat to not be underestimated in 2020.

Can This Gaming PC Play ANTHEM for Under $250....!?

With the release of Bioware's New titles Anthem, it has been receiving a bit of a mixed bag on the reviews, but regardless that isn't going to stop the YES from building the best used price performance has to offer, and seeing if we can play this game for under $250 at 1080p High settings... is it possible... Let's find out.

Can an i3 and GTX 750 Ti Game in 2019....? The " $64 Unupgradeable Gaming PC"

Here is how I built an Un-upgradeable PC that is put together with micromanagement at the forefront of parts that most people wouldn't look twice at, but I want to see if this thing can play Apex Legends, CS:GO and Fortnite at 1080p.

GTX 1660 Ti Vs. GTX 1070 - Full OVERCLOCKED Review

Galax sent over their GTX 1660 Ti, which is definitely one to bring the efficiency to the table. Though is this card worth $279...? let's discuss.

Steam VS. EPIC Games in 2019 - Is this The BEGINNING of the END for VALVE...?!

Steam's current business model has it so that they, although provide game publishers and developers with the means of seller friendly tools and support - it also comes at the high cost of 30% per sale, more so if they use the Unreal Engine 4 in their game.

RTX 2060 Gigabyte MINI Review - (Comparison Vs. FE & Custom OC Pro)

Currently the smallest RTX 2060 on the market, Gigabyte's 170mm Long RTX 2060 sure will fit the bill when it comes to needing to fit a powerful yet potent graphics card into a small form factor solution like Mini-ITX.

The $840 METRO Exodus RTX "ON" Gaming PC

Today is another amazing PC build we have here with this time using a mix of New and Used Parts and getting the most performance out of the RTX 2060 in Metro Exodus and also Apex Legends.

The Verge Copyright Strike Debacle - Don't Drink a Cup of Stupidity

So in recent times the Verge and VoxMedia decided to issue copyright strikes against Youtubers Bitwit (Kyle) and ReviewTechUSA (Rich). Though in the past few days they have retracted the claims, however the article they posted here: Is just full of misinformation and lies. So today we will be critiquing this and looking at how broken the youtube copyright system currently is.... A link just for the verge on fair use -

February 2019's USED PC Parts Hunt (Ft. Ula - The MSI Rep)

It's a little early I know, but its THAT time of the month! where we go on patrol for those Deals, bargains and thrills to see what we can come up with! And I hope this month doesn't disappoint!


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